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For some background on me, Sarah Anderson, the developer/ innovator of the Celer, please see below. By the way, Celer is pronounced "Cel-Air" and it actually means quick and swift in Latin!








Rather than look to immediate solutions for my overuse injuries, I became enamored with the why.

I utilized the prosthetic and orthotic research lab at Georgia Tech to research how the foot worked, and after college I continued to seek experiences that would broaden my insight to overuse injuries, all while utilizing myself as the test subject in all experiments. I spent time at Loughborough University in the UK researching stress and strain on the bottom of the foot during barefoot running. I also worked as a biomechanical engineer on ESPNs Sport Science television show, designing the biomechanical tests completed by the athletes on each episode. A year with the adidas innovation team in Germany taught me an exorbitant amount regarding footwear design and materials creation, sourcing, and testing. As an ergonomics engineer for a sport orthopedic company in Los Angeles, I helped to design a walking cast that created no disruption to the wearer's normal gait. I even worked at a running retail store to gain insight into customer feedback of current running shoes and fit issues. I learned that back and joint problems are a huge issue in sport, so to become an expert on custom orthotic solutions and the nervous system, I shadowed a pedorthist and worked for many years as a neurophysiologist within the operating room, monitoring the nervous system during spine and brain surgery.


When I get onto something, I can't stop. I've spent years researching the why, and years more determining the solution. I'm proud to say I've been injury free since I started to wear Celer. 

I am genuinely excited for you to try this product, no matter how

old/young, heavy/light, athletic/clumsy you are, as I know it

will truly change your movement for the better. 

Originally from Upstate NY, I attended Georgia Tech on academic scholarship to study biomedical engineering, and I was fortunate to be able to (after a lot of hard work) walk onto the D1 cross country/ track and field team my sophomore year. Growing up I was heavily involved in athletics, yet plagued by foot injuries beginning at just 9 years old. Same story rang true in college as I was sidelined for almost an entire track season due to an overuse injury my junior year. I was tired of countless podiatry appointments for custom orthotics and gait evaluation, and I was done trying every new insert, brace, or taping method that came to market.