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The first athletic brand to utilize active resistance to optimize running form.

The RunCeler Strap retrains the body to run more efficient by utilizng resistance to strengthen the arch and promote a more advantageous midfoot strike. This translates to increased performance and decreased risk for overuse injury.  

Celer Foot Resistance Strap
Celer Foot Resistance Strap
Celer Foot Resistance Strap
Celer Foot Resistance Strap
Celer Foot Resistance Strap
Celer Foot Resistance Strap

Celer Foot Resistance Strap

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One pair of Celer dynamic foot resistance bands to be used during activities involving walking, running, and/or jumping. 

  • Uniquely shaped left and right foot straps to ensure correct anatomical fit.
  • Made of rubber latex and soft fabric backing for an easy fit in/out of your athletic shoe.
  • Specialized fasteners to ensure a no-slip fit over your athletic sock.
  • Antimicrobial and water repellent properties enable top performance no matter the conditions.
  • Custom formulated resistance for functional correction and gait optimization!

Celer material is antimicrobial and should not need washing. Should you wish to wash, hand wash in cold water and let air dry only. Ensure that the bands are stored flat in room-temperature conditions. 

As Celer works to functionally train you to run more efficiently, it is important to gradually ramp your exercise duration with the Celer strap to allow your muscles to strengthen and adjust accordingly. And as always, consult a doctor before partaking in any new activities.


Shipping within the United States is included in the product cost.

Shipping outside of the United States is not currently availale but we are working on opening this soon!

What Runners Are Saying


"My pace was about 15 seconds  better than it would have been  without Celer. I usually overpronate  on my right foot, but this is the first  time my right legfelt better than  my left leg during a run!"

Vijay R

"I felt faster. The majority of  my workouts are hybrid  (running bootcamps/weights/rowing). The foot  bands felt great running."

Amanda B

"Celer helps keep my plantar  fasciitis issues down. I also  feel less wear on my legs/  knee in general. It's like my  performance increased while  I have zero foot or calf pain "

Frankie C

"I haven’t really changed  anything else and the knee  that always pains me and has  been getting worse the past  few months has suddenly not  hurt as much, and seems to  be getting better. "

John C

"Definitely feeling less stress  on my feet, my arches feel  extra supported without  needing a bulky shoe or  orthotics which is nice!"

Megan B

"I've never run 7 miles before.  Then I ran the NYC half and  Celer definitely helped a ton. I  just signed up for the full,  something I never thought I'd  do! I don't run without Celer."

Frank A

"Typically my toe bothers  me even when I am  walking and with Celer it  feels so much less irritated. I will be telling everyone I  know about these."

Ashley K

"Felt more supportive. Started  running again postpartum so  trying to strengthen all muscle  groups and avoid any extra  injury. No injury so far (been  running 3-4 months with Celer)."

Maggie P

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Celer vs Others

Here's how Celer compares to other products or services aimed at reducing injury & improving form.

Good running form enhances performance & prevents injury


A Midfoot strike is 2x LESS likely to cause overuse injury compared to heel strike [6]

Heel Strike

93% of runners habitually heel  strike as a result of wearing  highly cushioned shoes. Heel strike results in an abrupt initial impact shock absorbed by the knee. This can cause injury over time.

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Midfoot Strike

75% of runners that try to  change their footstrike, FAIL. When the body tires, 100% of  runners revert to a heel strike. A midfoot strike has smooth loading forces. This is safer for your joints.

Watch Video to Learn More