Interview with Alex Schüpper, M.D.
As a neurosurgeon & marathoner training for the TCS NYC Marathon, Dr. Alex Schüpper can't afford to be injured. Click to watch the full interview as to why he swears by Celer.
How This Biomedical Engineer Invented A Device To Run Better
Starter Story is an online publication that features up and coming entrepreneurs. Celer was selected for the September 2022 issue.
My Entrepreneurship Journey in the NYU Stern Accelerator Program

Celer (pronounced "Sell-Air") means quick and swift in Latin and is the first athletic company to utilize active resistance to realign and retrain joint movement during sport. 

My experience as an entrepreneur in the NYU Stern accelerator program has been extremely rewarding yet also highly challenging. Every day I am forced to step out of my comfort zone. Though our Instagram (@MoveCeler) may tell a different story, my comfort zone is working behind the scenes. I like thinking of new ideas, researching, and understanding insights. As the founder of an athletic start-up, I realized that growing a business is all about making personal connections...