Wear Instructions

How to Wear Celer for improved running & Agility!

Run. Jump. Sprint.

The Celer strap use resistance to engage your arch to position your foot in slight plantarflexion (toes pointed slightly down). By having your foot slightly plantarflexed before you land, you naturally land with a more midfoot strike, which is more stable and healthier for your body. This improved footstrike translates to reduced risk for injury and increased performance!

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How to wear celer for walking, hiking, & active foot recovery!

Walk. Hike. Recover.

When criss-crossed on top the foot, Celer acts as a relief for extended periods of walking, hiking, and can act as a minimalist solution for low grade foot drop. The Celer straps reduce tension on the arch and the plantar fascia by gently pulling up on the toes. This also relieves tension on the shin muscles, and is especially helpful when hiking-- really really helpful on the downhill part! This is also a great option if dealing with active plantar fasciitis. Instead of taping your arch or using a clunky night splint, use Celer!

Walk easier and recovery faster with Celer!